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Complete translation of that JF-17 article

As mentionned, I’m attempting here to do a full translation in point form

  • As we know, Pakistan joined China to develope an AWACS, this fufills PAF’s requirements.
  • several month ago, the AWACS came to Pakistan, 2 groups of Pakistanis did extensive testing on that AWACS. First time Haq has officially admitted the visit to a Western reporter
  • China will transfer some AWACS technology to Pakistan
  • Also, PAF has already signed a contract with Saab for Erieye in May of 2006, first one coming into service in the beginning of 2009
  • 38th lab apparently developed this for Pakistan (maybe called KJ-200P), uses a mechanically scanning radar, the platform is a type 3 Y-8. This is already called Y-9 (My note: I’m pretty sure this bit is not true)
  • KJ-200P (let’s just refer it as that for now) came to Chakala in July for testing.
  • Haq refers to this as AWACS and Saab as AEW&C, so maybe this points to KJ-200P offering more functionality. also, maybe this will form a hi-lo combination.
  • The regional air power is steadily rising, JF-17 cannot possibly meet all of PAF’s requirements, that’s why PAF has started discussion with China regarding the induction of J-10, to be named FC-20 and treated as the “hi-tech fighter”
  • Pakistan will not restrict its military purchase to one country. It will consider importing more Block 52 F-16s.
  • Pakistan has sent numerous people to Chengdu to look over J-10. Clearly, F-16’s main opponent in sales is not JF-17, but J-10.
  • Also military cooperation between China and Pakistan is not just restricted to weapon sales but also a naval exercise with multiple nation is already planned.
  • Also considering aerial and ground exercise in the near future.

With PAC on JF-17

  • by end of 2007, PAF will have 8 JF-17s, weaponary is still in talks, this is according to the signed agreement.
  • can’t confirm how many JF-17s will arrive before March, but JF-17 will definitely fly on March 23rd in Islamabad
  • Two competing radars, one by Nanjing (lab 14) and other by Wuxi (lab 607). Doing testing on both radar as expected, they are both very good radar.
  • First couple to be equipped with Wuxi radar, the testing has already started, so far, the testing of performance has achieved extremely results
  • Out of the 8, some will be equipped with Nanjing and some with Wuxi radar
  • The first batch of JF-17 will definitely be using Chinese radar, they are already doing flight testing with them.
  • Pakistan currently looking at different competing systems and figuring out how many of each type it wants and when does JF-17 need them? They call it standard I and II system
  • Can’t comment on whether weapon plans have been finalized, that’s to be determined by the PAF ACM
  • He can confirm that there is no issue over the engine for JF-17
  • PAC has repairs F-16 engine, produced the engine for the Mirage planes and repaired the engines for F-7s and K-8s, engine maintenance for RD-93 shouldn’t be an issue. PAC will obviously need China’s help on this.
  • Production preparation for JF-17 has already begun in early 2007, mass production will begin in January of 2008
  • Will receive the production line (all the necessary equipment) and technical help from AVIC1 and CATIC by 2007
  • PAF wishes to produce enough JF-17s to replace F-7, looking to eventually produce 20 to 25 JF-17s a year
  • 150 is only the fix order, more will be ordered. There is also requirements for more
  • Feels there is good prospects for exports
  • Currently, the FBW is only in one axis, will eventually have a full FBW (also very soon).