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IJNET Arabic Training Network Powered by Google News Initiative

This program is offered by IJNet Arabic Training in collaboration with Google News Initiative. This program will bring together the latest training opportunities, tips, and resources to journalists.
This program will be conducted in 3 phases.
Phase 1:  Virtual Training
Phase 2: Training for trainers
Phase 3: In-Country Training
The program is designed to reach a wide scope of journalists, digital media professionals, entrepreneurs, activists and university students from all countries across MENA region. After participants complete the webinar, they will be invited to apply for the ‘training of trainers’ session in Dubai to become a digital ambassador. Those who successfully complete the webinar will then be invited to apply to become a digital ambassador and will be sent application instructions via email.



  • Participants will be able to acquire skills in gathering and sourcing information in the most effective way
  • They will be able to magnify their trust and verification and reinvent their skills
  • Use data effectively in their stories and apps
  • Identify and nurture a core group of nine digital media ambassadors in the region who will offer training on Google tools and others.
  • Equip 4,000 journalists across countries in the Arab world with the latest digital tools and resources.


Please check the website to assess your eligibility.

Eligible Regions: Middle Eastern and North African countries


To take part in the digital journalism webinar, interested candidates are required to apply through the given link